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The cost of a network intrusion can be enormous. Not only are there costs involved in mitigating the effect on your clients and customers but cleaning your system, notifications, and penalties for loss of Personally Identifiable Information. The average cost of an intrusion where less than ten pieces of credit card information is stolen is just over five million dollars. While this is down a lot from the seven million it was a few years ago, it is still enough to put most businesses out of business.
One of the largest problems is the triple damages for negligence. Unfortunately, there is no law determining what needs to be done to not be found negligent. However, we do have multiple court cases where after the fact the courts have applied consistent parameters for what needs to be done to prevent a second intrusion. This has become the de facto standard for what is necessary to prove you were not negligent.
We can perform and document those services to show that your company meets the parameters established by the courts as responsible precautions for your system.
In addition, insurance is now coming onto the market to insure against the enormous costs of a data compromise. Again, to get the insurance you need to meet certain parameters. We can assist in providing the required evidence and information to assist you in getting coverage


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