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McFarland & Associates cyber investigative services are designed to decipher complex issues that need to be handled discreetly and quickly. Our investigative team includes computer forensic experts, forensic accountants and fraud examiners who maintain relationships within local, state and federal law enforcement cyber crime specialists.

We conduct financial investigations of fraud, employee misconduct and embezzlement. We trace and can help recover assets involved in court judgments, divorce proceeding and financial fraud. McFarland & Associates cyber search can track cyber stalkers and defamers intellectual property thieves, Internet con men and anonymous attackers who breach and hack information systems.




McFarland & Associates specialists can gather intelligence on companies, suppliers, potential partners, executives, investments, witnesses and jurors to expose the hidden risks associated with prospective transactions, commercial relationships, or legal actions. We gather information and data and report their patterns, trends, correlations and evidence of groups, individuals, companies and assets using digital forensic technologies and human intelligence techniques usually only available to law enforcement or intelligence agencies. Our intelligence gathering reaches far beyond the information that can found through Google, Yahoo, Bing or Lexus Nexus. Only 10% of the Web is indexed by the major search engines. Nearly 90% of all data available on the Web can’t be accessed via by the major search engines. McFarland & Associates investigators many times can find the true source of actionable information that can be used in corporate decision-making, civil or criminal court proceedings. It must be accurate, verifiable and unassailable evidence.




McFarland & Associates, Inc. investigators and forensics specialists leverage their real-world knowledge and skills with industry-standard technologies to find, analyze and preserve electronic evidence from computers, databases, networks and other digital media. In addition to preparing digital evidence for admission and providing expert witness testimony in civil and criminal proceedings, McFarland & Associates, Inc. assists clients and their attorneys by developing strategies to present highly technical evidence, drafting exhibits and deposition and witness testimony preparation.


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