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Cyber crime remains one of the most important issues of our time.

Cyber crime remains one of the most important issues of our time. It is therefore most likely that you have previously encountered or will experience some level of cyber intrusion in your business. When it comes to cyber crime prevention and investigation, technical expertise is highly necessary. Working with a Mcfarlandpi.com reputable micro-forensics institution that has the necessary infrastructure and workforce to ensure thorough investigations and forensic analysis; ensures that you don’t miss an essential point.

Here are important steps to take if you suspect that your IT infrastructure has been infiltrated by cyber criminals.

Stop all IT-based operations
The first measure requires you to initiate a stoppage of all IT-related operations within your business. This is necessary as it helps protect the existing business information from further compromise.

Consult experts immediately
The next step involves consulting IT experts and requesting for a comprehensive IT audit within your infrastructure. Such an audit comes in handy in helping detect whether business documents and information were maliciously siphoned out of the network and from where such intrusion was initiated.

Request cyber security measures.
The last step involves consulting with reputable IT solutions business to provide the necessary cyber security measures within your businesses IT infrastructure. The cyber security measures should be tailored for your business needs to eliminate instances of vulnerability in the future.

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