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Background Investigations - Renter / Buyer / Condo

We Will Carefully Screen Possible Tenants and Buyers of your property...

At McFarland & Associates, PI we understand your desire to have your property be profitable. To ensure that happens, your property needs to stay filled with high quality tenants that meet certain qualifications and research their background to be sure you are fully aware of any issues before the transactions and contracts take place.

We will help our clients secure the best possible tenants for their properties through a carefully curated screening process. Our process has been meticulously tested and proven that your potential tenants always:

  • Always pay on-time and fully
  • Do no cause you problems or create issues
  • Abruptly leave you with an unwanted vacancy

After we have completed the initial check, we will use that information to continue to quickly verify important details from areas including:

  • Credit history and credit scores
  • Employment history with gap checks and length of employment
  • Criminal background and offender checks

Our team will work to ensure that tenants placed will keep your property profitable and filled with quality persons for years to come. Our program will make sure your property is protected.

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