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Background Investigations - Employer

Criminal Records

At McFarland & Associates, Inc we search to find things that other companies might miss. Feel confident you are not only getting the most up to date information, but hiring a trustworthy person.

Form I-9 / E-Verify

At McFarland & Associates, Inc will work to confirm that your applicant's legal right to work in your state for a legally compliant employment background check.

Driving Records

At McFarland & Associates, Inc we want to ensure you are hiring someone who can keep your company protected from a potential lawsuit due to an accident by verifying the validity of your applicants driver's license and driving history.

Verification and Reference

At McFarland & Associates, Inc we will work with the references you are given from a potential employee and check the validity of unexplained gaps in employment and undesirable behaviors from previous employment.

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